Ehhh, mornings! Some mornings, you’re really into every detail, right from exercising, having a healthy breakfast, perfecting the hairstyle. Other days, you hardly find time to brush or take a shower and mostly go out wearing yesterday’s shirt!

A great morning may seem like P.C. Sorcar waving his magic band, but there’s more to that! No mystical forces are at work. A great morning that leads to productive day has more science to it that art (or magic).

We analyzed articles across the internet, looked into the lifestyle of some of the High Achievers and found that all of them had a morning routine. Here’s top 5 morning routines that you can include in your daily life.

Productive Morning Habits That Work For Everyone


1. Get your wake-up time correct

Research recommends sleeping between 6 to 9 hours everyday depending on the body requirements. Getting the right amount of sleep which is enough for you an waking up when the body is ready will definitely lead to a highly productive day. Don’t force yourself out of bed before the brain is ready—that’s surely a recipe for burnout. Maintain a particular time for going to bed and waking up –  that way, the body’s and the brain’s clock is synced and makes it easier on the brain.


2. Get rid of unimportant decision making in the morning

Willpower and decision-making ability are like a muscle. The continuously you use it, the more fatigued it gets. We all have limited amount of willpower. So to use it correctly in areas where it is required and eliminate its use in non-important work.

The best way to start a productive morning is to get a head start the earlier night. Many experts suggest that you should prepare at night for the next day. That way, you have less to worry in the morning, and the brain uses less power to remember what needs to be done and more on how to do the important tasks.

Planning in advance or the night before is effective because we have a limited amount of willpower. The basic thought of making too many decisions (like what exercise to do, what to eat at breakfast, or which shirt to wear) slow down the brain and hampers the rest of the day.

Keep a Playbook handy to write down your thoughts and ideas and get a headstart to the day.


3. Get yourself a daily morning routine

Create a morning routine to focus your mind

Getting your Body in a rhythm in the morning is of utmost important. Almost all experts and Achievers recommend a morning routine where you do the exact same things everyday. This gives a sense of confidence to the mind that everything is working out as planned and is a massive confidence booster.

How you start your day anchors you –  so it is crucial that your ensure that you stay focused on whats most important. You must master a consistent morning routine to achieve your highest level of productivity! It might be drinking water, reading something inspirational, meditation,  exercise or filling out your Playbook. And do not forget to visualize your big goals, offer gratitude and focus on the planned day.


4. Get to move your body and hydrate.

Health tips for a productive morning routine

Somebody said “Health is wealth.” There hasn’t been a statement of bigger importance. Morning exercise seems to a battle of the mind versus the alarm clock. But, once you are in it for few weeks, it will come naturally to you. Some of the big shot CEOs and entrepreneurs have built in a workout schedule in their morning routine. A workout may not always be sweating in the gym. It can be a light jog, free-hand exercises, cycling – or whatever breaks you into sweat.

During workout, keep yourself hydrated with lots and lots of water and fluids. Drinking water in the mornings will kick start your day and give you lasting energy all day long.

5. Eat the frog

Mark Twain once said, “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long.”

Brian Tracy, author of “Eat that Frog” bases his morning routine on this quote. Attack the worst and most difficult task and complete it. Once it is out of the way, you have a sense of boosted self confidence. Plus, the day looks a lot more positive with this newly achieved momentum.

After you get your personal morning routine organized, it’s time to take action for a productive day. Eating the biggest frog in the morning ensures that you do the most difficult task when your willpower is it its peak.

Create Your Ideal Morning Routine For A Productive Day

Create your Monthly, Weekly and Daily routine with the Achievers’ Playbook. Comment below on what are your morning rituals which have helped you make the most of the day.


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